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South Dakota Guided Pheasant Hunting

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own dog?
Yes, you can bring your own dog but it must be under control without you shouting or continuously blowing a whistle, and the dog must work close (30 yards). If there are several dogs in the hunting party we will most likely limit the number of dogs used at one time.

Are the hunts safe?
We have a safety meeting before each hunt in which our safety rules are explained. The guides carefully watch gun handling and shooting. Any individual who does not follow these rules will be removed from the hunting party. Shooting glasses are recommended.

Are there any other game birds to hunt besides pheasant?
Yes, however, hunters need to have the proper hunting license prior to hunt.

How do I purchase my license? What does a license cost?
You may purchase a hunting license by visiting a local license provider or visiting the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks web site at http://www.state.sd.us/gfp

Do I need a hunter's safety card to purchase a license?
Not unless you are under the age of 16. Then, you need a previous license from the state of South Dakota or a hunter's safety card and a parent or guardian must sign the license. 

Do I need blaze orange clothing?
State law does not require but we prefer that you wear at least a blaze orange cap.

What type of guns do you recommend?
We recommend 12 and 20 gauge guns. Preferably pump action or semi-autos. Double barrels are acceptable but quick multiple shot opportunities can be missed.

What ammunition can I shoot? Do I have to shoot steel?
You must shoot 4, 5 or 6 shot. In a 12 gauge, we recommend 2 3/4", 1 1/4 oz. of shot and 3 3/4 drams minimum powder charge. Three inch magnums are not recommended for a 12 gauge as they are much slower. In a 20 gauge, a 3" magnum is recommended. None of our hunts requires steel or non-toxic shot.

What type of cover do you hunt?
Early season hunts during the first week or two of hunting season will be mostly in cropland. Mid- and late-season hunts will be a mixture of cropland, CRP, trees, cattails, milo, corn and cane food plots.

Do you hunt private or public land?
We hunt only private land that we have exclusive hunting rights to.

How soon do I need to book the hunt?
The sooner the better. Early season hunts are booked up 10-12 months ahead of time.

How do we get our game home?
Bring a cooler along and we will help you pack it right or it can be shipped overnight for an extra fee.

If you have any further questions, please contact us using the information on the contact web page.

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